Like most people, I suffered from horrible acne as a teenager. As an adult though, blemishes aren’t as frequent or intense as they used to be..most of the time. As a beauty enthusiast and blogger, I try TONS of different products frequently. While some, if not most, will work out for me – there are those few products that take me back to those high school acne times. After testing ZAPZYT’S line the last few weeks, I so wish I had these products back when I was younger!

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Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT

Fortunately (and unfortunately – who likes to break out?!) I had a really bad reaction to some makeup wipes I was testing literally days before ZAPZYT landed on my doorstep so I was fully able to test out all the products and write about my zitful experience the last few weeks.

Let’s learn more about these products and then get into storytime about how I ruined my skin and brought it back to normal with ZAPZYT!

ZAPZYT claims to have a safe, economical, and effective solution to acne, blemishes, and zits. They have quite a few products but the products I tried are their Acne Treatment Gel, Cleanser, and Scrub. Product descriptions are from their website.

Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT

Acne Treatment Gel

A maximum strength formula that clears pimples and blackheads fast. The oil free, odorless gel vanishes as it clears skin.

  • 10% benzoyl peroxide – Maximum Strength – micronized non-irritating benzoyl peroxide
  • Proven to reduce the appearance of acne within 5 hours
  • Water based contains no alcohol to prevent over drying
  • Dermatologist recommended

Pore Clearing Scrub

Tiny, NATURAL, wax microbeads clear pores of dirt, oil & acne-causing bacteria.

  • 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment
  • Acne-fighting cleanser specifically designed to treat annoying blackheads
  • Tiny, NATURAL, wax microbeads gently exfoliate removing skin of pore clogging dead skin cells
  • Exfoliates and clears pores of dirt, oil and blackheads
  • Focus groups show teens love the feel and results of the Pore Clearing Scrub

Acne Wash Cleanser

Clinically proven safe and effective on sensitive skin.

  • Hypoallergenic cleanser, dye and fragrance free
  • Aloe and Chamomile soothe acne prone skin and reduce redness
  • Dermatologist recommended 2% Salicylic Acid degreases skin and unclogs pores, encouraging exfoliation of dead skin cells, helping to reduce clogged pores and breakouts
  • Great for back and chest acne

You can find these products at your local Walmart, cost wise – each product is under $10!

Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT


So one evening I was doing lip swatches and saw some makeup wipes I had been meaning to test out. These were the e.l.f. Active Post-Workout Cleansing Wipes. I used those to wipe off all the lip swatches I did that evening and at the end of the day, used one to take off all my makeup. I felt fine, no irritation at all. The next morning however, I woke up with my jaw area COVERED IN ZITS. Dozens of tiny ones and a few normal sized, painful ones. Moreover, both my cheeks and nose were insanely red. It was a nightmare. I tried using calming masks, charcoal masks, purifying sheet masks but nothing was helping in those first 3 days I was freaking out. Lo and behold, I got a package the next day and it was full of all these wonderful ZAPZYT products. I instantly washed my face with the scrub and cleanser and applied the acne gel soon after. I’m not being dramatic but I INSTANTLY noticed a difference. My face did not feel irritated at all and within the next two days, those pimples were GONE.

Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT

The acne gel is what I keep handy the most. I instantly apply it anytime I feel a pimple getting ready to do its thing. Whenever I have problem zits, I be sure to incorporate it into my skincare routine whether that be in the morning before applying moisturizer or at night before applying a hydrating night mask.

Check out ZAPZYT and their products by clicking here!